Quality, reliability, durability: 50-year warranty.

Stone is the image of reliability: we perceive it each day by looking at the thousand-year old buildings of our own city, majestic guardians of the time that flows and settles on their walls without scratching them.

Aware of the value of this heritage, we undertake to offer a complete system for the installation of our products that allows you to take advantage of the 50-year warranty. The long term relationship with our customers, based on trust, is also founded on our concrete and sincere pledge. The 50 years warranty applies only to the veneer stones installed with our products: ARREDOCOLLA or ARREDOFIX for installation and ARREDOSTUCCO for grouting.

Warranty conditions
Safe for 50 years

All veneer stone products Pietre d’Arredo are warranted for a period of fifty (50) years when used on structures conforming to local building codes and only installed with our adhesives Arredocolla and grouted with our mortar Arredostucco.
All Pietre d’Arredo collections are manufactured according to current European standards. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Warranty coverage is limited to the replacement or repair of defective materials and does not cover any labor or other costs incurred for installation, removal or replacement of defective or replacement materials. All veneer stone products Pietre d’Arredo are produced using only natural materials that have no harmful effect on human health, thus also protecting the environment.